As an Antidote to the Previous Post

For those who feel my previous post was ridiculous, I offer this story.  Last summer, I decided that I would only be reading books on baseball.  Whenever Toby (2 at the time) saw me reading a book he noticed that there was a baseabll player on the cover.  A few months after this, I had left the book I was reading at the time (not a baseball book) on the sofa as I got up to get some soda.  I came back and found Toby holding the book as if reading it.  As he looked at the pages, he pretended to read aloud, “…and the guy hit the ball.  Blah, blah, blah.  Bor-ing!” And with that, he dropped the book on the sofa, hopped down, and walked off laughing his little head off.  So much for sharing my love of the game with young T-bone.

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