Just Around the Corner

I can’t wait.  Spring training games start in under two days and opening day at Minute Maid (for which I have a ticket this year) is a short 33 days away.  I don’t know when or where it happened, but somewhere I developedfrom a teenager who knew everything and abhorred sports for its false competitive nature to a raving basketball fan who shunned baseball as the most boring of all sports to–finally–an obsessed fan of the greatest game: a return to my 8 year old self who was a die-hard Phillies fan in 1980 when they went up against my new town’s team in the NLCS. 

I now feel the same way I did then.  My allegiances have gradually shifted to the team the Phillies beat out to go to the World Series and my obsession has broadened to include minor league and college ball.  In fact, though infinitely corny, I cannot describe the joy I felt upon entering Minute Maid Park for the first time in 2007  a couple of weeks ago to watch the 2007 Houston College Classic.  And this was to watch a game between Texas A&M and ASU, two teams I could care less about.  But, it all pointed to a return to baseball and the knowledge that I would be watching the Rice Owls on the next two days. 

And so, in my 34th year, I have become one of those people who will bore you to death singing the praises of a sport–merely a sport.  But, if you think me a bit crazy, I invite you to come out to a game with me, grab a scoresheet, and follow every pitch.  I think/hope you will feel it too. 

IF you think this is over-the-top, wait until I write some posts on bluegrass or birding.

One Response to “Just Around the Corner”

  1. and I, too, feel about baseball the same way that I did when I was 8. I had about zero interest then, and I have the same level now. Embrace your geekiness, Mike!

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