Home is where?

I went to a library conference this past week in San Antonio. On the way back, I drove through some of the back roads in the hill country near Austin. I can’t explain it but whenever I am in that part of Texas I feel like it is somehow where I belong. Without sounding new ageish or anything, I just feel at home or at ease or something. (Quite the writer, eh?) Whenever anyone asks me what my hometown is, I persist in saying Austin even though I only got there when I was 15 and only lived there a total of seven or eight years. It just feels like home. I hope to retire to the Hill Country some day.
Not that there is anything (too) wrong with Houston. I love my job and feel lucky to do what I do and–of course–there are the Astros, but every so often, I get that Austin urge. For now, I have a cool picture in my office of the 360 bridge, which–in my extremely fit years–I used to bike across on morning and late night bike rides up and down Capital of Texas, to remind me of all things Austin.

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