The Oracle that is The Nighlight

Toby has taken to talking to his Mater (from Cars) nightlight.  It turns out that the nightlight not only knows everything but will only communicate withToby.  This evening the nightlight made very clear to Toby that shoes were not required when going to church.  When Letitia tried to tell him he had to wear shoes, he came back with the inarguable point that the nightlight said he didn’t and the nightlight knows everything.   The nightlight also told him that my favorite drink is soda in gold cans (Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi) and my favorite color was green but has changed to blue.  I told him that I still liked green, he told me I was wrong.  You can’t argue with the nightlight; bring on the blue!

2 Responses to “The Oracle that is The Nighlight”

  1. Can Toby find out what my favorite color is? I was thinking that it was orange, but now I’m just not sure.

  2. He has spoken to the oracle and it is…yellow!

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