A Relaxing Day at the Ballpark

This Saturday, Jonah and I went to go watch the Astros play the Diamondbacks.  I am very proud of myself because I was able to attend a game without following every pitch on my scorecard and–in the process–ignore my family.   In fact, I didn’t even score the game.   Jonah and I spent maybe three innings in our seats.  The rest of the time, we walked the stadium or hung out in the renovated Squeeze Play kids area, which is quite nice now, where they had a TV showing the game and broadcast the radio coverage.  It was a lot of fun.

I think from here on out I will have to look at games differently based on who goes with me.  If I am by myself (usually on a weekday), I can be in intense baseball fanatic mode and never miss a single pitch and watch every shift in coverage.  When I go w/ family, I will attend in family mode and alow the kids to dictate what we do and–this is hard for me–even leave before a game is over if the kids want to.   After-all, I would rather have the boys love to go to baseball games than to view it as a time when Daddy ignores them.  Plus, it is working.  Jonah–and Toby–cannot wait to go to another game.  This is a mojor shift from last season when whenever I suggested going to a game, I was met with shouts of “Boring!”.

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