The Perils of Encouraging Spouses to Read Blogs

I complained to mi esposa that she never read my blog.  Bad move!  In response to my complaints, she sat down and read the whole thing at her next computer sitting.  In the process she couldn’t help but notice mentions of CD and T-shirt purchase not discussed with her.  Ooops!! I forgot about those!!

Oh well, at least she doesn’t know about the kayak or the motorcycle!

One Response to “The Perils of Encouraging Spouses to Read Blogs”

  1. Just wait until she starts blogging herself. That’s why I like using filters if necessary. 😛

    He To Whom I Am Married’s blog is This explains why he calls it the Church of the Gospel of Disco Jesus:

    I think he planned to do more with the “mythology” but it got bogged down somewhere.

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