In-Law Jokes Just Don’t Apply

So, I have to say that I have fantastic in-laws. This past weekend the entire branch of the Houston VCs flew to Virginia. The entire weekend was built around allowing me to go to the Graves Mountain Bluegrass Festival, which they gave me a ticket to a few months back. It was hands down the most fun I have had in a long time. The music was amazing and–though different–it reminded me of the sheer joy I used to feel at attending a really great show but magnified from three hours to three days. Also, I was able to bring J and Smollett during the days and they had a blast dancing, swimming, and eating. So, a big, big thank you to my in-laws.

Then, I come back to Texas while the remaining Houston VCs stay in Virginia until I return at the end of the month for a conference. (More on that later). I check my e-mail and discover that my father-in-law has gotten tickets for a Baltimore Orioles game for the end of the month. Not just any tickets, but field level a few rows up from first base. Never in my life have I had such great seats for a MLB game. I am so excited.

Aside from what they have done for me or given me (and I haven’t even mentioned the trip to Florence, the Bose, or the autographed Jimmy Carter Nobel Prize speech), they are just fantastically decent and selfless people and have raised two daughters who reflect goodness and honesty more than any people I have ever met. I am a very lucky guy to be married to one of those daughters and T. and Smollett are lucky to have her for a mom and her parents for grandparents.

Important Note: My mom is awesome too and I count the boys quite lucky to have her for a grandmother. This is definitely true considering the challenges she faced–not the least of which are her stubborn, moody, and temperamental offspring (and I count myself at the top of this list).

2 Responses to “In-Law Jokes Just Don’t Apply”

  1. letitia Says:

    awww…someone was in a reflective mood. Do we want to tour the park earlier in the day w/ the boys?

  2. mikevc Says:

    YEs…without a doubt

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