Why Being On My Own Is Not A Good Idea

My wife is clearly the brain in this family.   It is she who makes sure we are prepared with whatever we need when we go on a trip.  I–on the other hand–don’t.  After I went to the Rangers game on Saturday night I realized how unprepared I was when I left the game with my legs covered in mosquito bites.  Since I was going to the Rough Riders game the next day, I swung by Wal-Mart and picked up bug spray.  I learn quickly.

But, you would think since I would be spending at least six hours in the heat of the TX sun I would of picked something else up.  Result: forearms burned to a painful pink that makes movement ill-advised.  The worst part is that this happens at least once a summer.  In past cases, my wife has told me I need sunscreen but I resist because “I don’t burn” even though prior evidence says the contrary.  So, I had pledged to listen to her the next time.   Unfortunately, “next time” I was by myself; you’d think a 34 y.o. man would be smart enough to get by on his own for two weeks without too much damage.

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