Am I Going to Miss 3,000?

One of my 43 Things goals is to see Craig Biggio get hit 3,000. Unfortunately, no matter how I figure it I think I am going to miss it. As of now, Biggio is ten away. There are thirteen games before I return from D.C. to Houston on July 2nd. Figuring that Garner will sit Bidge at least three times since there are three day games after night game, that means he will play at least ten games. He will have to hit below his average for that to work for my advantage. I can’t bring myself to hope for that.

Oh well, I am buying tickets for the July 3rd game just in case.

Also, watching the game now, I continue to be floored by Hunter Pence on offense and defense. I think if fans across the country could see this kid play he’d be a write-in All Star. If he keeps going the way he is going, he should be the hands-down Rookie of the Year for the NL.

One Response to “Am I Going to Miss 3,000?”

  1. We’re going to the 7/3 game, too. Are you bringing the boys?

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