Wallet and Tooth Pain = No Blogging (Somehow)

I have not posted anything for a few days.  I have spent the last couple of days recovering.  First, I had to recover from the shock of paying $2500 to get my lousy car repaired.  I am certain I got taken for a ride but I needed it fixed.  While I am on the subject of mechanics and such, let me give kudos to Oak Forest Automotive on Ella.  They did not do the work on my car but they did do work on my wife’s.  They are completely honest and tell you–in priority order–any work your car needs.  They even drove my wife’s car to out house and allowed her to come by and pay for it the next day.  They give the kind of service you rarely see these days: I will be visiting them from now on when I have car trouble.

I got a little off track there.  My second problem was a tremendous toothache that had me in indescribable pain and caused me to remain awake for two nights.  I did go to the dentist, which I hadn’t done for the past year.  I am now scheduled for a root canal.  For those who care, “finishing my dental work” was one of my 43 things that I never did.  As such, I am renewing my commitment to getting this done and am going to set up a brand new “43 Things” list of items that I will  actually work toward completing.  I’ll keep you posted; I know everyone will be glued to their computer waiting for that update.

One Response to “Wallet and Tooth Pain = No Blogging (Somehow)”

  1. Nice blog! Well, car trouble can really be expensive. I can attest to that. Last month my subaru catalytic converter, 02 sensor and exhaust manifold went out, I had to pay for the said replacement plus I had to rent a car while its being fixed..

    I had my regular check up with my dentist..( I have to since I have braces )..

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