I Won an iPod!

I evidently signed up to win an iPod when I was at ALA last month.  Last friday, I was sent a brand new silver Nano from a vendor I had spoken with at the conference.  And, I am glad to be back with iPod.  Though I have tried virtually every other brand of DAP out there, there just isn’t one that can compare to iPod in terms of quality, durability, and ease of use.  Even though there are definite drawbacks, I think I am an iPod man again.

Also, a week or so ago, I headed out to west Houston for a doctor’s appointment and got stuck in flooding and a massive downpour.  I pulled into Memorial City mall to wait the thing out.  While there I played with the iPhone.  I was beyond impressed: I’ll spare you a detailed analysis but the hype appears to be well founded.

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