Odd Coincidence

Right after I wrote the last post, I logged on to iTunes to watch the “Left Behind” episode of LOST. In the “Previously on LOST…” lead in segment, they showed the scene where Kate and Jack are in the rec room of the Barracks. I happened to notice–and verified through slow motion and pausing–that one of the pinball machines in the rec room is the very same Cyclone machine mentioned and pictured in my previous post.

Aside from this being a weird coincidence, it is a bit problematic since Dharma Initiative built the barracks more than 30 years ago and that pinball machine debuted in 1988 according to what I found when attempting to verify the machine Matt and Jeff played so often the summer of ’88. Then again, all of the houses in the Barracks seem to have modern appliances. Please tell me my dorkdom is not extending its reach to being one of those folks who blogs about the minutest details of TV shows. Too late? Oh well…maybe it’s just another one of the mysteries of the show.

One Response to “Odd Coincidence”

  1. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for that. I’m about ten episodes from ‘Left Behind’.

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