“A rose is a rose is a rose by any other smell”

shoulders.jpgIn my wave of nostalgia for the Austin music scene of the early 90’s, I forgot to mention one of the most fun bands of that time period: The Shoulders. They had kind of a Tom Waits/Pogues vibe going and featured Lyle Lovett’s Cellist, John Hagen, when he was in town. They were incredibly fun and “Trash Man Shoes” was a great song. I remember at SXSW ’90 (and don’t get me started on SXSW back when it was $15 and you could actually show hop all night) the record execs loved “On Sunday”. Not to mention, “Uncle Achin”, “Mr. Troll”, and “Lula’s Bar and Grill”. A google search shows me that I can track down their CD that was popular in France for a while. I think I will do so.

I wish I could track down those old cassettes of Twang, Grains of Faith, The Shoulders, Stick People, The Duckhills, that were made in the years right before it was possible to make relatively cheap CDs.

Any other Austin greats I missed?

One Response to ““A rose is a rose is a rose by any other smell””

  1. FYI, I still have my cassette of Twang Thang. Used to have Stick People and Shoulders cassettes, but they’ve disappeared.

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