Top Priority for 2008: New York City

As I think about plans for the coming year in terms of vacation time, professional conferences, trips, etc., it occurs to me that at the top of that list must be a trip to New York City.  The reason for this desperate need to get there in the coming year is quite simple.  2008 will be the last year for both Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium.  I must attend a game at each before their demise.  Then, I will have years to attend games at the new stadiums.   Here’s hoping that I get there.

2 Responses to “Top Priority for 2008: New York City”

  1. When are you thinking of going? Maybe I can meet you there if flights are cheap enough.

    Oh, and perhaps, you should consider getting this T-shirt before you go.

  2. That is really, really funny. It is oh so perfect. I am thinking of heading to D.C. to see the new Nationals stadium and taking the train to NY from the Crowders. I am thinking some time in the Spring or early Summer. I would like it to coincide with a Mets-Astros game if at all possible.

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