Wiki Wiki!

So, in my Austin from my youth nostalgia (as rambled about in several posts), I ordered a bunch of old CDs. The first to arrive was a CD that merges Poi Dog Pondering’s first two releases Poi Dog poicircle.jpgpoi2.jpgPondering (1989) and Circle Around the Sun (1990). Anyway, as I re-listened to these tunes, which are fantastic, for the first time in more than a decade. I noticed the intro to “Circle Round the Sun”, where someone screams out something before the band comes in. I remember thinking it was just nonsensical words. It turns out, part of what he is saying is “Wiki, Wiki!”, a Hawaii’an term that means “quick” or “enjoy” depending where you look and is where the ubiquitous word “wiki”. It makes sense since the singer and a number of the members grew up in Hawaii. Who knew Poi Dog was so ahead of their time?

Anyway, I am again reminded of those good old days. Poi Dog shows were the best, always on a Saturday, the culmination of the week, because they were the biggest draw. There was nothing like a Poi Dog show–and in the following few years of intensive show going I never experienced anything quite as exciting or fun again. You always left Liberty Lunch (aside from a few outdoor shows and Houston gigs, I can’t remember ever seeing them play anywhere but LL) in a wonderful mood, which translated into all night fun. Somehow, once Frank Orral moved the band to Chicago and started changing the line-up (he eventually dropped everyone but Susan Voelz), which completely changed their sound (the sound that I loved), they were never as good. Maybe, I never forgave them for leaving.

Isn’t it interesting that I could not find a single image of the Circle Around the Sun cover. For a while I thought I had imagined its existence and it was always just a part of Poi Dog Pondering. I finally found someone on eBay selling it as an LP and I borrowed his image. I hope he doesn’t sue me. I knew it existed!

Anyway, I promise you, my two readers (one can dream), that this will be my last nostalgic post about Austin and the music I loved in High School.

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