Ah-Ha! Shoulders Mystery Solved

For those few (1?) who were riveted by my previous post, I figured it out. The version of “Trashman Shoes” and other Shoulders’ songs I remembered listening to in the car were on the self-released cassette Hungry Man’s Dance. Thanks to Dirk Horst for compiling and preserving this important information.  Dirk also has links to discographies for Husker Du, Poi Dog, The Feelies, Big Country, and…Cactus World News!! (I thought Matt Hammon and I were the only American fans of this late ’80s Irish band).  It looks like his page hasn’t been updated since 1998 but this is why you gotta love the Internet.  I find a page some guy created nine years ago as a project and it answers a question that is driving me crazy.  How could I have done that 15 years ago?

You gotta love these new-fangled Intarwebs.

One Response to “Ah-Ha! Shoulders Mystery Solved”

  1. The Other Last Shoulders Fan Says:

    Any idea where Dirk has gone? I’ve been jonesing hard for Hungry Man’s Dance ever since my cassette died. ‘Trashman Shoes’ and ‘Fun Never Stops’ just don’t capture the charm of the band nearly as well.
    Shuffling on…

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