The Perils of Being a Great Live Band

So, I promised no more Austin nostalgia, but…I lied.  I got the Shoulders CD Trash Man Shoes in the mail today and ran to import it into iTunes.  The problem with it is it was recorded in 1993, a few years after I remember going to their shoes.  Anyone who ever saw these guys performs knows that they were an amazing live band.  The CD is the same songs but they are overdone somehow; it seems they lack the energy of the live shows.  I remember in 1990 or so constantly listening to a tape of four or five of these songs.  It may have been a live tape from the radio or a DIY tape.  Regardless, it captured the live energy and is what I remembered.  Oh well, the songs are still good.

I had the same problem with Ten Hands, who are apparently reformed.  My brother asked me to find some of their tunes.  I found some and they were the same songs but…they weren’t.  I remember “Love is the Question” and “The Big One is Coming” as being…I don’t know.  Again, live show=amazing.  Recorded songs=not so much.  Or maybe, the intervening 15 years have impacted how I remember things.

Interestingly, I have restocked the first three Poi Dog (who was unquestionably the best live band of that era in Austin) CDs and–w/ the exception of Vola Vola which is their weakest set of songs–they all hold up to my memories.

One Response to “The Perils of Being a Great Live Band”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    So, you’ve managed to find “The Big One Is Coming” again? I remember really digging that album.

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