The Ghost of Tricky Dick?

The other night I had fallen asleep on the sofa in our living room. Something woke me suddenly. I glanced up from where I slept. For a nixon.jpgsplit second, I was absolutely positivething2.jpg that Richard Milhous Nixon was staring at me as I slept. It was only once I rolled off the sofa in shock that I realized that it was Toby’s Thing from The Fantastic Four backpack. I have here provided comparative pictures of the two heads. Take a look and let me know what you think. Am I nuts?

One Response to “The Ghost of Tricky Dick?”

  1. You are totally not crazy. It’s the beady eyes and the unibrow. Nixon is trying to hide it in that photo, he had someone pluck him but you can still see it. I bet they even plucked one to look higher than the other so he seemed inquisitive.

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