Glad I Was There; Astros’ Future; and Postseason 2007

_7.jpgEven after shelling out three times the face value of a ticket, waiting in line for over an hour (after the gates opened), and being pushed and bumped by more people than have ever attended an Astros game (and this a completely meaningless game in terms of standings), I am beyond glad that I decided to go to Craig Biggio’s last game. After playing 20 years of extremely high level baseball for the same team, Biggio was sent offfinalhit.jpg in style by Houston. While I was hoping for a Ted Williams-like moon shot for his final at bat, it is somehow fitting that the man who now has more doubles than any right-hander in history had a double for his final hit. Today I was proud to be a Houstonian when I watched the crowd during several standing ovations and saw grown men welling up with tears (not me of course).

And, kudos to Bobby Cox and the Braves for showing respect throughout the game. From Orr’s hugging Bidge after his double on second base to Mayhay stepping off the mound for Craig’s curtain call after he was taken out of the game, the Braves showed true respect for a legend and future hall of famer. Biggio will be missed; especially in Houston.

Having said that, things seem to be looking bright for our Astros. Cecil Cooper as manager is no doubt a good thing. Plus, the young kids–Anderson, Pence, Towles, and some of the pitchers–really shined at the end of the season.

Plus, I got no end of joy participating in my favorite season-end activity at games: scoreboard watching. On top of the moving tributes to Biggio, I watched with joy asphils.jpg the Phillies won and the Mets were trounced, which means the Phils clinched the National East Division and are in the playoffs. While I am a devoted ‘Stros fan, the Phils were the team of my early youth and remain second in my baseball devotion. If it can’t be the Astros, let it be the Phillies. It was the reverse in 1980 but I have come a long way since then (and the Phils won it all then anyway). So, that is a good thing.

So, despite the disappointing Astros season, I look forward to the post-season. Not only for the Phils but to hopefully see the Indians (from my mom and dad’s hometown-area and still the favorite of my relatives in Ohio) annihilate the Yankees.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the Astros beat the Braves 3 to 0; it almost seemed unimportant in light of everything else going on at the game.

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