Adios, Yankees!!

I was overjoyed to see the Indians defeat the Yankees tonight. However, knowing that it isjesus.jpg most likely Joe Torre’s last season with the Yanks made it a little bit sad…Nah, it was glorious. Even when the Astros or Phillies fall short, it is always somehow heartwarming to me to know it isn’t going to be the Yankees. I really like the image from a T-shirt on the right that Otrops suggested I wear on my trip to Yankee stadium in 2008–in good and respectful fun, of course.

So, with the two teams I was pulling for both swept unceremoniously away (Phillies and Cubs), I am left rooting for the sensational Rockies in the NL and the relative (meaning my relatives from the Cleveland area) favorite Indians in the AL. If they meet in the Series, I think I will have to go with the relatives and cheer for the Tribe to win their first since ’48. They had better do the same for me the next time the Astros make it (in 40 or so more years).

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