Screaming Back Pain

I have spent the past two days in terrible pain.  I am not sure what triggered it but my back is in an amazing amount of pain.  It started in a meeting.  I was sitting down for about two hours and then when I got up–there was searing pain.  It wasn’t even that painful of a meeting.

I tried to go to work yesterday but could barely get around and the pain just got worse.  I also felt like a heel when I asked folks to get something for me that was five feet away; the thing is that five feet looked like insurmountable miles with my back in the state it was in.  I went home and rested after three hours.  Same thing today; although I made it to four hours.  I am headed to the doctor tomorrow but fear he will not be able to tell me much other than to give me muscle relaxers.   I am sure he will also suggest losing weight.  Another indication that I have got to put that at the forefront of my plans for the next few years.

3 Responses to “Screaming Back Pain”

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  2. I had a similar problem about a year ago. Someone mentioned that caffeine can cause backpain, and I was drinking an enormous amount of coffee at the time. Anyway, I cut out caffeine for a couple of months and the back pain disappeared. I’m not sure if you’re drinking any caffeinated beverages, but it’s worth a shot!

  3. ickyiggy Says:

    I hate the back pain. I kept getting pills to make it better and then it would just come back…physical therapy and exercising helped me.

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