Toby the Builder

tobe.jpgToby loves to put on his toy safety goggles and grab an old toolbox that once belonged to my Grandpa Vic that now holds all his toy tools. When he does this, he tells us he is going to work. Tonight, he wandered into the bedroom where I was reading looking as you see him here; I felt that uncontrollable parental urge to take a picture. I asked him where his work was since he never tells us more than he is “ready for work” or “going to work”. He told me he works for a “building place”. Apparently, the “building place” he works for is quite progressive considering their clothing optional policy.

2 Responses to “Toby the Builder”

  1. Perhaps they build oil rigs or bridges at the building place?

  2. ickyiggy Says:

    Lookin’ good! I love it!

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