Fun and Helpful Time Waster

freericelogo.jpgFor those of you who find yourself wasting time late at night playing various computer games or spending too much time in facebook, I suggest playing with the vocabulary game over at According to the site, 10 grains of rice will be donated to feed the hungry (funded through advertisers) for every question answered correctly. I ended up with 2200 and L. had 2100 (guess who went first?). The site opened on October 7 of this year. Thus far they have donated 372,382,150 grains, improved folks’ vocabulary, and raised consciousness about world hunger. A pretty darn good job, I’d say.

It is a lot of fun and gets extremely challenging as you move up in rank. I managed to get up to a vocab level of 47 but could not stay at that level. It seems to take 3 or 4 right answers in a row to go up a level and only one wrong one to move down one. I suspect I could have done much better if I had Merriam Webster Online opened in another window as I took the test. No matter what, it is bound to help expand your vocabulary ; I saw a few words I had never seen before.

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