More Pictures!

sf.jpgFor those who care about such things, I posted several shots of the family on a trip to Northern California for Auntie Ing’s wedding from Summer 2005. Toby found an SD card that had a couple hundred pictures on it that apparently never made it to flickr.

I remember the trip well for photographic reasons. We were there for roughly two weeks but the pictures are only the last four or five days. At a Fourth of July festival, I was playing with settings on my then relatively new camera as we waited for the fireworks to begin and I accidentally deleted all of the pictures documenting the first half of our trip–including the wedding (and some fun hiking, birding, and kayaking).  I tried to make up for it by snapping a picture every chance I had in the remaining days in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and the trip to the Jelly Belly factory.

Visit my flickr account to takea gander at what the boys looked like two years ago.

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