Batchin’ It with the Boys

Letitia is out of town this weekend.  She went on a “Girls Trip” to the Hill Country with one of her friends and some relatives.  Though I have been a parent for nearly seven years now, it occurred to me that there has never been a weekend–or a period of 24 hours for that matter–where it has been just me and the boys.  There have been plenty of times when L. and the boys have gone to Virginia and I have flown solo.  But, this is the first time it has been just the three of us sans L.

So far, things are going quite well.  I have managed to keep everyone safe and fed.  Thankfully, one of Jonah’s teachers talked to them about junk food on Friday so he has declared this weekend the Junk Food Free Weekend, which means that neither he nor Toby (who follows whatever Jonah says) are even asking for McDonald’s. (In fact, when I ask about meals, they make it clear that McDonald’s and fast food are “definitely” not what they want).

I think L. was worried that I would spend like crazy to keep the boys occupied.  So far, we have spent a grand total of two dollars and change on a trip to the dollar store, which seems to make them just as happy as a twenty dollar toy.

For tomorrow, I have a day at the park planned–weather permitting–and a trip to Subway, which Jonah approves of because it is “not fast food and you still get a toy”.  L. returns at some point tomorrow.  I think I can make it with sanity, boys, and wallet in order.

One Response to “Batchin’ It with the Boys”

  1. ickyiggy Says:

    Sounds like you had it all under control?! Way to go?!

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