Aging Music Fan

It occurred me over the holidays as I heard a reference to being “almost 24” by one of my favorite new artists that much of the music I am listening to is now being made by folks much younger than me.  This struck me as odd and a wee bit depressing for some reason.  I am not sure why.

So, in order to comfort myself, I have decided on looking at it a different way.  Instead of looking at one artist, I am going to consider the four or five artists I listen to in heavy rotation at any given moment to see if I am registering too young in my listening habits.

For example, here are the main folks I am listening too now:

  • Fionn Regan (Age: 26)
  • Neko Case (Age: 37 – really?)
  • Langhorne Slim (Age: 27)
  • Richard Thompson (Age: 58)
  • The Avett Brothers (Average age: 29)

So, if I figure an average I come up with 35.4 as the age of my heavily listened to current artists right now.  Whew, I barely got in under the wire on that one (I am 35.2). I owe a big thanks to Richard Thompson.  If he wasn’t in my rotation the average age would be 29.75 and I would be…What?  I am not quite sure.

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