Oh, Happy Day! Good Music is Coming Soon to My DAP

marah.jpgToday at lunch, I was reading the dreadful Houston Press and discovered that the two greatest rock bands currently making music both have new albums this month. First is Marah who I discovered–oddly enough–via a back page article by Stephen King in Entertainment Weekly. I think I will cave and use some of my Amazon.com gift certificate fundage to purchase. This would have me the juvenile music nerd in me in an ecstatic mood if it were the only thing I discovered. However, there was far bigger news a few pages away.

dbt.jpgSecond, and more important, was the discovery that the Drive-By Truckers, who are the single best rock band this country has produced in the last couple of decades (this is not a hyperbole; listen to any of their albums since Southern Rock Opera and you too will be convinced of this objective truth) have a new album coming out in a few days. Anyway, the reason I post (aside from my excitement) is that I saw that New West Record was selling four of the songs from the new DBT record as an EP on iTunes. Normally, I would cringe at this kind of thing: a record company trying to sell songs on an album twice, which is what will happen now that I bought the EP and will buy the album when it comes out this coming Tuesday. However, I am more than willing to do this for a band or music I truly like.

In an article in Wired, Thom Yorke discussed the idea that folks should be allowed to determine what to pay for music based on what it is worth to them. As everyone knows, he put his money where his mouth was when Radiohead released In Rainbows on their website to folks who could pay what they wanted. I, not a Radiohead devotee by any means (I have never felt the need to buy a Radiohead album in the past), paid three dollars for the album and–even paying that–mostly because I just respected them for releasing their album this way. Well, I have listened to that album a few times and have gotten roughly what I paid for. With a band like DBT, I have no problem paying $4 for an EP and then $10 for nearly 20 songs because the amount of enjoyment I have received from their previous albums (judged by how often I listen) is in the hundreds if not thousands. So, basically, I post this to ruminate on the comparitive value of music and other entertainment and to say if you haven’t listened to DBT, do yourself a favor and remedy that situation.

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