Super Tuesday!!

I am so very excited about Super Tuesday.  Though I am following the Democratic side closely and leaning toward Obama, I find myself enthralled by what is happening with the Republicans.  I just love that John McCain, with all his decency, moderation, and reasonableness, is gaining steam over those who appeal to  the alleged “conservatives”.  I cannot tell you the joy it will bring me to listen to Rush and Hannity and their sad ilk react to a big McCain win.  I heard that Anne Coulter has even said she will vote for Hillary if McCain and her are the nominees.  Oh what fun!!!   Can it be that America–and even Republicans–are finally coming to their senses after one of the most embarrassing administrations our country has ever seen?  I do hope so.  I hope that five or ten years from now “conservative” will have all the negative connotations that “liberal” has unfortunately had for too long.

Posted by a proud liberal.

3 Responses to “Super Tuesday!!”

  1. I saw the Anne Coulter thing on YouTube. It made me laugh, because I’ve been shocking my friends here by telling them that if this becomes a Clinton-McCain contest I’ll probably vote Republican for the first time in my life.

  2. If it were McCain and Clinton, I would seriously have to consider things. I could see myself definitely voting for McCain. We will see!

  3. indeed we will. It’ll be a tough decision, hopefully I won’t have to make it.

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