Library Conferences Bring Out My Inner Nerd

logo.jpgI absolutely love going to library conferences. This year I will be attending the big one: the PLA (Public Library Association) National Conference in Minneapolis. This is only held every two years and is one that I have never been to before. Everything I have heard about PLA is that it is the best conference for what I do as a public librarian. I cannot wait.

One of my favorite things to do pre-conference is to sit down with the conference guide and plot out the sessions I want to attend. This holds the same excitement for me as did going to the bookstore in college a few days before the semester started and buying my books. Somehow, the books allowed me a glimpse into what the semester held; I can even remember a few times when I had to make myself not start a book I found particularly interesting. Similarly, the program descriptions get me excited about the programs themselves. While I know this cements my already pretty solid status as a real dork, I thought I would share my nerdish excitement.

twins7.gifIf that weren’t enough to verify my nerd status, there is more to this on the baseball geek front. As luck would have it, I am able to stay one extra night and take in opening night for the Minnesota Twins at the Metrodome. While the Twins are not my favorite baseball team, this is big because it is one more stadium I can cross off in my goal to see all the MLB teams in their home stadium.

One Response to “Library Conferences Bring Out My Inner Nerd”

  1. Sarah Robinson Says:

    Hi mikevc,

    My name is Sarah Robinson and I’m an Assistant Publisher from Emerald Group Publishing Limited in Bingley, UK. One of our journals, Library Hi Tech News, publishes conference reports, and we were wondering whether you would like to submit a report for publication?
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