One More Reason to Vote for Obama

This pathetic fear-mongering campaign ad is as disgusting as the one the House Republicans did a few weeks back on the Protect America Act. I hardly need to point out the irony of the candidate who voted against the Iraq War is being attacked by the candidate who voted to allow Bush to lead us into the quagmire in Iraq and all the results of that decision.

While not as laughable and embarrassing as the silly “change you can Xerox comment” (btw, I was never so proud of my alma mater as when the entire crowd at UT booed her on this comment) or the recent release of the picture of Obama in African garb released to The Drudge Report by the Clinton campaign (allegedly–but alleged by Matt Drudge), this disgusting ad is further indication that the Clinton team is getting desperate. The fact is that all their plans were based on having the nomination secured after Super Tuesday. The campaign has been flailing since February 5th did not go as planned.

One Response to “One More Reason to Vote for Obama”

  1. I saw this earlier in the week and was appalled.

    I’m sincerely hoping for some good news from my home state (and Mom’s home state) when I get up tomorrow morning.

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