Texas Two-Step: Not Hillary’s Dance?

So, by now, everyone knows about Texas’ bizzare two-step primary process. In essence, Texas’s nominating process starts with a primary where 126 delegate votes are at stake, and continues that same day with local caucuses that eventually will allocate an additional 67 delegates. These caucuses convene 15 minutes after the polls close and are open to anyone who voted in the Dem primary. In the past, this system has received little press. Now, however, with our state bound to play an integral role in selecting the Dem candidate, all the news outlets are covering this.

Now the interesting thing about this process is that everyone within politics knows about it. However, the increasingly desperate Clinton campaign is challenging the process. Keep in mind this process was in place in ’92 and ’96 when Bill C. was running. Not only this, apparently Hilary is talking about seeking to seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan; this despite the fact she signed a pledge with the DNC and all Democractic candidates to not campaign there–and as a result her name was the only name on the Michigan ballot. Funny how both of these were non-issues until it looks like she won’t win the nomination.

Don’t even get me started on the superdelegates. If she legitimately wins the nomination because the people of the party select her, I may vote for her. However, if she resorts to underhanded procedures to circumvent the will of the people, I doubt I could bring myself to vote for her. Even these tactics and the challenges in Nevada lead me to believe she and her campaign could give a damn about what the people want–unless it is to elect her.

Never in my life did I think I would say this but it seems that the Republicans have a far  fairer process for selecting their nominee than do the Dems.

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