Cheap Glasses – In Color

Here are pictures of the glasses I got. I could take shots of me wearing them but I figure no one wants to see my fat mug.

8 Dollars!


These cost $8. I got them with dark blue on the inside. So they look almost completely black. I like these for their sheer nerdiness.



These cost 12.95. I got these in black and I love them. The cool thing about them is that they are hingeless. They are also 138mm across, which fits my fat head nicely.



Another 12.95 pair. These are potentially quite cool. However, I opted for the black outside/white inside look and the white shows up much more clearly than I thought it would. The result: disturbingly Elton Johnesque. These have been designated my emergency/sports (playing outside with the boys and when I get around to exercising) glasses.

Keep in mind, these are merely glasses that I like. I am far from fashion conscious so don’t let my selections keep you from checking out some of these resources.

Oh, and I am still quite happy with all of them.

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