Great Music…Free Downloads!

I loved what Radiohead did in releasing their album as a download for whatever the user wanted to pay. The main problem I had with the whole thing is I happen to find Radiohead’s music vastly overrated and insincere. I did download In Rainbows for a nominal fee several months ago. As I suspected, I did not enjoy it and have rarley listened to it since then. But, I love the idea of making music available and asking folks to pay what it is worth to them. In that vein, I want to point folks to two great bands who have done the same type of thing recently.

Glossary, a band who I had never heard of until last week, has released their latest album The Better Angels of Our Nature as a free download on their web page.  I was directed to their site from a trusted music blog and I have not been let down.  I downloaded the album free of charge earlier this week and it has been in very heavy rotation in my iTunes and has inspired me to investigate previous releases.  Before I do that, I will definitely purchase one of their handmade copies of the CD to help support the band.   I could go on and try dancing about architecture (Zappa? Costello? anyone?) in describing their music but instead I will encourage folks to just go and download a song or the entire album and experience it yourself.

The second band I discovered that had done this is the Dexateens with their new release Lost and Found. This is a band I had heard of but with a limited music budget have never been quite inspired to purchase their music.  Well, thanks to their free download, I am becoming a fan.  In fact, in addition to the new R.E.M. album (I am as amazed as anyone that I am listening to this given that I have not purchased a R.E.M. album since Green soured me on them in the late ’80s; but this is a really good album), these two freely downloaded albums are all I have been listening to for days.  The cool thing about the Dexateens site is you can donate money either when downloading or after.  I am a big fan of the pay after download model, where I can pay an artist based on how good I find an album and, thus, how much I will listen to it.  As I have said before, I could see paying two or three times the cost of a CD to artists I listen to over and over again (I believe I have used the example of The Drive-By Truckers in the past) and paying much less to ones I listen to less or shelve after a few listens.  Anyway, I will be donating my fair share to the Dexateens.

So, check ’em out and see what you think.  And, here’s to hoping many more musicians and bands go this avenue for releasing their music.

2 Responses to “Great Music…Free Downloads!”

  1. Amy MacDonald…

    Macdonald started playing on stage acoustic first gigs at 15. Her influences include Travis, Pete Doherty, and The Libertines. After several concerts in Europe, Macdonald played at festivals such as V Fest during the summer of 2008….

  2. Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the man from that chat who told me to visit your blog 🙂

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