Astros Fun

I have not written much the past few weeks. Busy, busy, busy with the opening of the new Cenral Library (under 40 days left). I have been having a lot of fun at Minute Maid with various family members. Toby and I went to a Tuesday $2 game last week. Toby was quite good at screaming “Go Astros” and “Lose Cardinals!”. After the first two innings we spent most of the time in the SqueezePlay playground. He slept through the final three innings. Cardinal 5, Astros 3.

Last Saturday, I was given tickets from a co-worker with season tickets who could not make it out. So, Letitia and I went sans kids. It was quite fun and we had great seats. I think I can convert L. to a fan if I bring her to more games with just the two of us. Marlins 0, Astros 5.

Today, we used the kids discount coupons from being members of the Astros Buddies Club. We cleaned up on “stuff”, ironic when you consider how hard we are working to get rid of the “stuff” that is overtaking our small house. We all got free caps, Jonah and T. both got another free cap and a hamper for joining the Buddies Club. Jonah waited in line and got a Lemonade Day backpack and–as part of signing up–got to get one item autographed by Jeff Bagwell. We got a mini-bat for Jonah. You can see him with Bagwell here. This picture was taken just as Jonah is telling him where he should sign the bat. I am afraid that all of the good work that was done in getting L. to become a fan was undone at this game because of the crowd’s (and her husband’s?) reaction (I think the phrase “mob-like” was used) to a terrible call (everyone in the stadium knew Spilborghs dropped the ball and Spilborghs knew he dropped the ball; we were in the bleachers and saw it clearly; judge for yourself in the video).

Anyway, I have been having a lot of fun at some entertaining and competitive games despite the Astros dismal–as usual–early season standings.

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