I hate to admit it but…

I am a big fan of Weezer. I have been since 1994 when I first heard the opening arpeggios-into-power-chords of “My Name is Jonas” on their eponymous debut (now known as the Blue Album) on my beloved yellow Sony Sports Walkman cassette player (which incidentally lasted longer than any MP3 player I have ever owned).  “Surfwax America” and “In the Garage” further solidified my loyalty to that first album, which was a staple of my running albums back when I did five miles a day.  Since then, Rivers and crew have put out some high quality albums but nothing that matched that first album.  Here’s hoping their eponymous new album (The Red Album) reaches those heights and maybe even inspires me to run again.

One Response to “I hate to admit it but…”

  1. I personally see no shame in being a Weezer fan, being one myself.

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