TV Brings Out My Vanity

As we get closer and closer to the Grand Opening of the library where I am in charge, I am having to do more and more TV spots. The prospect of going on TV itself doesn’t scare me. It is that I wish I could go on TV looking like I did ten years ago when I ran daily and did not live on a steady diet of fast food. When it all comes down to it and despite the gradual gain of the last ten years, I am still quite vain. So vain in fact that I don’t even watch myself when I do TV bits.

One Response to “TV Brings Out My Vanity”

  1. When we were in Houston for a conference, Bill got back to the room around 4:30, and we caught you on the evening news. I’m always impressed with folks that can speak in front of the camera, and you did a great job…very articulate and no stutters or “uhs”. You rock!!!
    Good luck on the grand opening!!

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