A Quick Read While…

I am currently reading one of those quick, one night books that really hits things on the head.  It is called Perfect From Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life ( yes, that is a reference to the Built to Spill album and song of the same title) by John Sellers.  I mention this not only because I am truly enjoying this memoir of another mid-thirties music obsessed dork, but I have stumbled upon some great lines.  And I share two about the joys and dangers of mixing loud music and the solitude of a car:

“I will always possess the gene that makes guys turn their vehicle into Neal Peart’s ninety-nine-piece drum kit whenever Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” comes on.”

“I’ve been blasting music in cars for nearly two decades now and these moments of total submission still deliver the same wonderful rush.  It’s like being on a narcotic…If traffic cops ticketed for DWR–driving while rocking–my license would have been revoked years ago.”

Driving while rocking, as Sellers puts it, is one of my great joys in life.  He however fears the scorn of potential drivers and worries that they might assume the worst (Creed).  Whenever I see someone has noticed my rocking ways, I usually give them an ironic point and continue confidently in my dorky ways.  It works wonders if you need to merge over a lane: folks are so embarrassed for (or scared of?) me  they either slow down or speed up so as not to have to look at the fool in that car.  Some folks just don’t understand the need to rock.

2 Responses to “A Quick Read While…”

  1. I really have found a need to rock in the car since Jude was born. I love turning up the music ,when he is not in the car, and really rocking out to music I can’t listen to with him in the car. I also hate those mornings that I listen to The Wiggles all the way to work without even thinking about it!

  2. I can appreciate the Neal Peart quotation. :^)

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