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Over for the ‘Stros?

Posted in arrogant literary reference, Astros, baseball on 15 July 07 by mikevc

I have been able to comfort myself with the Astros dismal record by telling myself that they would mount one of their proverbial second half comebacks.  But after getting swept by the Cubbies in the first three games post-All-Star-break things are really looking a bit dismal.  My beloved Astros are currently owners of the fourth worst record in the majors and the third worst record in the NL. I remain a fan through thick and thin and I hold out hope for a final third season comeback.

Oh well, at least the Mariners, my AL faves, are doing quite well.

If only the Grossmiths could see us now…

Posted in arrogant literary reference on 26 April 07 by mikevc

In the age of the blogosphere, we are all Charles Pooter!