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125 Posts

Posted in bad decisions on 3 August 07 by mikevc

My God! I just glanced at my blog stats and noted I have written 125 posts.  What a colossal time suck this blog is.  And that does not include postings from the three or four (or six) false start blogs that are littering the ol’ interwebs.  Also keep in mind, I am writing this ridiculous post at 1:55 in the morning when I have to be in League City for a workshop at 8:30 AM.

Gotta Make Some Changes

Posted in bad decisions, changes on 31 July 07 by mikevc

In light of my lack of healthy decisions over the past eight years or so, I have come to the conclusion that I have to make some serious changes in action more than just words.  As such, I am laying out serious (and some less serious) changes I will be making at my 43Things account.  The reason for this is nine or ten years ago I was running five miles a day and paying close attention to my diet.  Tonight, I found myself getting short of breath as I crawled around my car cleaning out fast food trash.   That pretty much sums up what I need to fix and why I need to make serious changes.  And, I can’t say I will do it tomorrow anymore, I have been saying that for eight years.  So, I finally come to the realization that today is tomorrow (is today or something like that).  Anyway, I move forward on this.

Wallet and Tooth Pain = No Blogging (Somehow)

Posted in bad decisions, rambling on 11 July 07 by mikevc

I have not posted anything for a few days.  I have spent the last couple of days recovering.  First, I had to recover from the shock of paying $2500 to get my lousy car repaired.  I am certain I got taken for a ride but I needed it fixed.  While I am on the subject of mechanics and such, let me give kudos to Oak Forest Automotive on Ella.  They did not do the work on my car but they did do work on my wife’s.  They are completely honest and tell you–in priority order–any work your car needs.  They even drove my wife’s car to out house and allowed her to come by and pay for it the next day.  They give the kind of service you rarely see these days: I will be visiting them from now on when I have car trouble.

I got a little off track there.  My second problem was a tremendous toothache that had me in indescribable pain and caused me to remain awake for two nights.  I did go to the dentist, which I hadn’t done for the past year.  I am now scheduled for a root canal.  For those who care, “finishing my dental work” was one of my 43 things that I never did.  As such, I am renewing my commitment to getting this done and am going to set up a brand new “43 Things” list of items that I will  actually work toward completing.  I’ll keep you posted; I know everyone will be glued to their computer waiting for that update.

Why Being On My Own Is Not A Good Idea

Posted in bad decisions on 10 June 07 by mikevc

My wife is clearly the brain in this family.   It is she who makes sure we are prepared with whatever we need when we go on a trip.  I–on the other hand–don’t.  After I went to the Rangers game on Saturday night I realized how unprepared I was when I left the game with my legs covered in mosquito bites.  Since I was going to the Rough Riders game the next day, I swung by Wal-Mart and picked up bug spray.  I learn quickly.

But, you would think since I would be spending at least six hours in the heat of the TX sun I would of picked something else up.  Result: forearms burned to a painful pink that makes movement ill-advised.  The worst part is that this happens at least once a summer.  In past cases, my wife has told me I need sunscreen but I resist because “I don’t burn” even though prior evidence says the contrary.  So, I had pledged to listen to her the next time.   Unfortunately, “next time” I was by myself; you’d think a 34 y.o. man would be smart enough to get by on his own for two weeks without too much damage.

Pain in the Ear

Posted in bad decisions, illness, iPod on 26 February 07 by mikevc

I recently recovered from a bout of the flu that lead to a nasty–and extremely painful–ear infection.  The infection resulted from my tendency to take numerous baths when I am feverish and allowing water into the ear canal.  The flu and infection combined lasted two weeks.  I got antibiotic drops from the doctor, which I–of course–stopped taking once the pain was gone.  It jus so happens that right around that time I got my new orange iPod shuffle in the mail.  I–again: of course–could not resist trying it out and listened to it for hours this weekend while reading and playing baseball on the GameCube.  Suffice it to say, that a lack of antibiotic and an earbud in my ear has lead to the ear becoming reinfected and pain returning.  Is it only me who seems to make habitual bad decisions in areas that should be common sense?