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New Pictures on flickr

Posted in boys, family on 13 July 08 by mikevc

I have uploaded some new pictures on flickr from the playground that Letitia helped build with the Kool-Aid Man and Reverand Run.  You can watch this little video on it.  Jeff found it and noticed that L. was in at at 0:47.  You can also see her sitting down talking to Cayce behind Reverads Run’s left shoulder at 0:12-0:14.  Anyway,  we went there Saturday and played and swam in the pool next to it.  We also have some grainy pics from the party at the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink, one of mine and my siblings haunts when we were J and T’s age.

Izzy Doing Fine

Posted in boys, dog, family on 3 July 08 by mikevc

I realized I left this hanging.  Izzy is doing great.  She is fully recovered and is a mischievous little puppy.  I think we caught it early enough that we were able to stop the Parvo in its tracks.  She seemed to be completely better on the third day.  We had been bracing for a miserable week.  We were even able to stop the IV treatments early she did so well.  So, she is doing great healthwise.  Now, we need to work on the jumping on people–especially the boys.  She was so excited to see everyone when we woke up this morning that she knocked Tobe over and scared him a bit.  Oh well, we much prefer that to where she was a couple of weeks ago.

New Pictures and Flickr

Posted in boys, family, pictures on 20 April 08 by mikevc

My brother Otrops was very kind and sent us a Flickr membership since we had hit the 200 mark (the limit for free accounts). So, I am trying to do a better job taking pictures of the boys. I uploaded a number of pictures on Flickr just now. So, if you want to see the boys at Earth Day, Toby’s Open House, or enjoying an Astros game, check it out on my Flickr account.

Astros Fun

Posted in baseball, boys, family on 20 April 08 by mikevc

I have not written much the past few weeks. Busy, busy, busy with the opening of the new Cenral Library (under 40 days left). I have been having a lot of fun at Minute Maid with various family members. Toby and I went to a Tuesday $2 game last week. Toby was quite good at screaming “Go Astros” and “Lose Cardinals!”. After the first two innings we spent most of the time in the SqueezePlay playground. He slept through the final three innings. Cardinal 5, Astros 3.

Last Saturday, I was given tickets from a co-worker with season tickets who could not make it out. So, Letitia and I went sans kids. It was quite fun and we had great seats. I think I can convert L. to a fan if I bring her to more games with just the two of us. Marlins 0, Astros 5.

Today, we used the kids discount coupons from being members of the Astros Buddies Club. We cleaned up on “stuff”, ironic when you consider how hard we are working to get rid of the “stuff” that is overtaking our small house. We all got free caps, Jonah and T. both got another free cap and a hamper for joining the Buddies Club. Jonah waited in line and got a Lemonade Day backpack and–as part of signing up–got to get one item autographed by Jeff Bagwell. We got a mini-bat for Jonah. You can see him with Bagwell here. This picture was taken just as Jonah is telling him where he should sign the bat. I am afraid that all of the good work that was done in getting L. to become a fan was undone at this game because of the crowd’s (and her husband’s?) reaction (I think the phrase “mob-like” was used) to a terrible call (everyone in the stadium knew Spilborghs dropped the ball and Spilborghs knew he dropped the ball; we were in the bleachers and saw it clearly; judge for yourself in the video).

Anyway, I have been having a lot of fun at some entertaining and competitive games despite the Astros dismal–as usual–early season standings.

Christmas in B’ham

Posted in boys, Jonah, Toby, travel on 28 December 07 by mikevc

We spent the Christmas holidays in Birmingham, AL.  We were visiting Letitia’s grandmother.  Although the prospect of spending Christmas in a hotel and a retirement community might not sound enticing, we had a great time.  When was the last time you went swimming on Christmas and Christmas Eve (indoor pool)? or, had an entire hotel to yourself?

That was pretty much the case for us.  At the hotel with us were Letitia’s cousins (2 parents and 3 kids) from Delaware and her parents.  The three rooms we had made up 1/3 of total occupancy on Christmas Eve.  We held little parties in the lobby and took over the joint.  It was a blast.

J and T got presents from mom and dad and stockings from Santa’s elf Quincy on Christmas Morning in the hotel.  In the afternoon we went over to Great Grams’ where Santa had been informed to leave their presents.  They loved this arrangement: instead of only opening presents first thing in the morning, they had two “present times” to look forward to.

The next day, Jonah (the birthday boy), Tobe, Cousin Bryn, and I went to the Birmingham Zoo’s Zoolight Safari event, which featured thousands of lights throughout the zoo.  We had a lot of fun.

The boys highlights were petting the rat, riding the train, and the S’Mores.  My highlight:  When we first arrived Jonah, who is recovering from a cough, started dancing like a madman to the loud Christmas music.  After a while, he began coughing again.  As we passed through the area where the music was loud later in the evening, he says to me:  “We need to go fast; this is really hard for me because my brain tells me that I really want to dance but I know I shouldn’t because of my condition.”  Fun for all!

Batchin’ It with the Boys

Posted in boys on 2 December 07 by mikevc

Letitia is out of town this weekend.  She went on a “Girls Trip” to the Hill Country with one of her friends and some relatives.  Though I have been a parent for nearly seven years now, it occurred to me that there has never been a weekend–or a period of 24 hours for that matter–where it has been just me and the boys.  There have been plenty of times when L. and the boys have gone to Virginia and I have flown solo.  But, this is the first time it has been just the three of us sans L.

So far, things are going quite well.  I have managed to keep everyone safe and fed.  Thankfully, one of Jonah’s teachers talked to them about junk food on Friday so he has declared this weekend the Junk Food Free Weekend, which means that neither he nor Toby (who follows whatever Jonah says) are even asking for McDonald’s. (In fact, when I ask about meals, they make it clear that McDonald’s and fast food are “definitely” not what they want).

I think L. was worried that I would spend like crazy to keep the boys occupied.  So far, we have spent a grand total of two dollars and change on a trip to the dollar store, which seems to make them just as happy as a twenty dollar toy.

For tomorrow, I have a day at the park planned–weather permitting–and a trip to Subway, which Jonah approves of because it is “not fast food and you still get a toy”.  L. returns at some point tomorrow.  I think I can make it with sanity, boys, and wallet in order.

T-Bone Gets Grillz

Posted in boys, Toby on 26 November 07 by mikevc

tobygrillz.jpgtobygrillz2.jpgToby got some pseudo-bling for his teeth for his birthday from one of L.’s friends. He hadn’t worn them before and I had never seen them.  Tonight he was sitting in front of me watching TV and he  he turned around with them in and started mugging.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  He looked quite impressive. I am not sure that these pics really capture his look. Larger versions are available at my flickr account.

What do you think? Is he the next Paul Wall?

More Pictures!

Posted in boys, family, Jonah, Toby on 13 November 07 by mikevc

sf.jpgFor those who care about such things, I posted several shots of the family on a trip to Northern California for Auntie Ing’s wedding from Summer 2005. Toby found an SD card that had a couple hundred pictures on it that apparently never made it to flickr.

I remember the trip well for photographic reasons. We were there for roughly two weeks but the pictures are only the last four or five days. At a Fourth of July festival, I was playing with settings on my then relatively new camera as we waited for the fireworks to begin and I accidentally deleted all of the pictures documenting the first half of our trip–including the wedding (and some fun hiking, birding, and kayaking).  I tried to make up for it by snapping a picture every chance I had in the remaining days in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and the trip to the Jelly Belly factory.

Visit my flickr account to takea gander at what the boys looked like two years ago.

New Photos: Fall Festival & ArBOOretum 2007

Posted in boys, Jonah, pictures, Toby on 28 October 07 by mikevc

For those who are interested in such things, go on over to my flickr account to see some new pictures of the boys at the Oak Forest Elementary Fall Festival and all costumed up for the Houston Nature Center and Arboretum’s ArBOOretum 2007 event.

Time Well Spent

Posted in boys, video games on 19 October 07 by mikevc

mario.jpgTonight, Toby, Jonah, and I accomplished a real feat. After three weeks of hard work, deep thought, and intense concentration, we captured the eight pure hearts and brought them together to defeat the chaos heart and the end of all worlds. We brought Lady Timpani and Blumiere (formerly Lord Bleck) together in a love that defeated all evil. We joined hands with our lifelong enemy (Bowser) and newer nemeses (O’Chunks, Mimi, and Nastasia) to overcome the diabolical plans of Dementio. And, finally, we ate.

In other words, we finally beat Super Paper Mario. Woo-Hoo!!!