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Izzy Doing Fine

Posted in boys, dog, family on 3 July 08 by mikevc

I realized I left this hanging.  Izzy is doing great.  She is fully recovered and is a mischievous little puppy.  I think we caught it early enough that we were able to stop the Parvo in its tracks.  She seemed to be completely better on the third day.  We had been bracing for a miserable week.  We were even able to stop the IV treatments early she did so well.  So, she is doing great healthwise.  Now, we need to work on the jumping on people–especially the boys.  She was so excited to see everyone when we woke up this morning that she knocked Tobe over and scared him a bit.  Oh well, we much prefer that to where she was a couple of weeks ago.

New Pup = Sick

Posted in dog, food on 20 June 08 by mikevc

As some readers of this blog know, I got a new dog for father’s day.  When we got her home she was much calmer than when we met her the day before at the local SPCA.  We thought it was just her recovering slowly from her surgery.  On the second day she was a bit more lively and played with the boys and I.  After that, she again got very lethargic.  Yesterday, she went to the vet for her first visit and seemed fine.  By last night, she barely moved off of the sofa and began vomiting.  Letitia took her to the vet immediately this morning.  It turns out she has Parvo (canine parvovirus).

She obviously got it at the SPCA where we got her from.  One of the options was to return her to the SPCA but that would definitely mean they would have put her down.  Instead, we are treating her at home with an IV and antibiotics from the vet, where she also got an injection to slow the vomitting.  We hope it works.  She is really sick.  Between yesterday’s visit to the vet and today, she lost 2 pounds (which is 10% of her body weight).   She barely moves right now.  The vet said there was a 70% chance that she will recover and we should know within a few days or a week.

So, we all have our fingers crossed.  We were going to post pictures of her here and to flickr but haven’t taken pictures and don’t really feel up to it now.  Here’s hoping that a week from now, we will be able to post some great shots of a healthy and happy pup.