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Cheap Glasses – In Color

Posted in glasses on 17 March 08 by mikevc

Here are pictures of the glasses I got. I could take shots of me wearing them but I figure no one wants to see my fat mug.

8 Dollars!


These cost $8. I got them with dark blue on the inside. So they look almost completely black. I like these for their sheer nerdiness.



These cost 12.95. I got these in black and I love them. The cool thing about them is that they are hingeless. They are also 138mm across, which fits my fat head nicely.



Another 12.95 pair. These are potentially quite cool. However, I opted for the black outside/white inside look and the white shows up much more clearly than I thought it would. The result: disturbingly Elton Johnesque. These have been designated my emergency/sports (playing outside with the boys and when I get around to exercising) glasses.

Keep in mind, these are merely glasses that I like. I am far from fashion conscious so don’t let my selections keep you from checking out some of these resources.

Oh, and I am still quite happy with all of them.

Glasses for $8? So Far, So Good

Posted in glasses, money saving, web fun on 13 March 08 by mikevc

Through friends and several blog posts, I recently discovered Glassy Eyes, a blog run by a guy named Ira dedicated to the premise that the eyeglass business is a huge rip-off. He started the blog after buying glasses online for a fraction of the $500 a chain store wanted to charge him. As he investigated, he discovered that glasses were being sold at ridiculous profits. As an example, a pair of $199 glasses actually cost $35 to make leaving $165 in pure profit. So, he decided to do something about it. His web site now helps consumers navigate the world of online discount optical stores. In fact, he has become such a force in the industry the suppliers provide his readers’ a discount and he can–and will–get them to address and fix concerns his readers have with their orders.

Needing new glasses and not wanting to shell out $300, I decided to give it a whirl. Using Zenni Optical, one of the cheapest sites Ira points to, I placed an order for three pairs of glasses for a grand total of $38.49. I went with Zinni (3 stars) over the slightly more expensive 4 and 5 star sites (where complete glasses run from $19.99 to $50), figuring if it was a bust I wouldn’t be out too much. I ordered two pairs of $12.99 glasses and one pair of $8, both complete with basic lenses. Since I only need single vision, I didn’t have to add upgrades, which are equally as cheap. I wanted to add the polychromatic (clear indoors transforming to sunglasses outside) lenses for $29 (as opposes to several hundred anywhere I else I have checked) to one of the pairs but figured I would do that on a later order. Just the basics for me on this initial order.

So, today, all three pairs arrive. It took nine business days for them to arrive. So far, I am quite impressed. The prescription is spot on, comparable to my $300 glasses. As I would expect with a new prescription, I can see more clearly with all three pairs than with my two year old prescription glasses. The quality and durability appear to be quite good, though admittedly not as high as some of my old more expensive pairs. But I am willing to sacrifice that if I am paying less than 5% of what I normally paid for glasses. I am really happy with two pairs and love the $8 pair the most. One pair has slightly different coloring than I though but are still serviceable. And, for the first time since I started wearing glasses, I have backup glasses (2) that are not an old prescription. Initially, I am quite impressed. If each of these glasses hold up for six months, I will have saved a huge amount of money. I plan on investigating some of the other sites Ira points to in the future. And, I can get new glasses every year, instead of waiting two or three years because I can’t bring myself to lay down hundreds of dollars for new glasses when I really should get them.

For now, I am fairly certain that I will not be paying $300 for glasses ever again. And, I like thousands of other readers of Glassy Eyes say thank you and urge others to check it out.