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Pain in the Ear

Posted in bad decisions, illness, iPod on 26 February 07 by mikevc

I recently recovered from a bout of the flu that lead to a nasty–and extremely painful–ear infection.  The infection resulted from my tendency to take numerous baths when I am feverish and allowing water into the ear canal.  The flu and infection combined lasted two weeks.  I got antibiotic drops from the doctor, which I–of course–stopped taking once the pain was gone.  It jus so happens that right around that time I got my new orange iPod shuffle in the mail.  I–again: of course–could not resist trying it out and listened to it for hours this weekend while reading and playing baseball on the GameCube.  Suffice it to say, that a lack of antibiotic and an earbud in my ear has lead to the ear becoming reinfected and pain returning.  Is it only me who seems to make habitual bad decisions in areas that should be common sense?