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Top Ten: My Quotable Movies

Posted in listing run amok on 20 June 07 by mikevc

So, I am taking up mamacita’s challenge. Here are my most quoted movies. It is a pretty revealing list. In my defense, these are movies I watched a lot in high school and college and kind of became common reference points among my group of friends. I think only two or three would not fit into that category. So, here we go:

  1. Raising Arizona “You ate SAND?”; “I don’t know. Maybe it was Utah”, and the entire movie. My vote for most quotable move ever made.
  2. Better Off Dead “Gee, I’m sorry your mom blew up, Ricky”
  3. Wet Hot American Summer “So that’s where my priorities are right now. Sex. Specifically with Andy and not with you.”
  4. Star Wars “I used to bullseye womp rats with my T-16 back home…they’re no bigger than 2 meters.”
  5. Rushmore “O, my God! I wrote a hit play!”
  6. Real Genius “So, you’ll hammer later.”
  7. Office Space “I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it, Bob”
  8. War Games I’d piss on a spark plug if I thought it’d do any good!”
  9. Blues Brothers “Pier One Imports. They got everything.”, “We’re on a mission from God!”
  10. Airplane “Joey, have you ever been to a Turkish prison?”

I did not include any movies by John Hughes because it is just plain embarrassing how many lines I know from Pretty in Pink.

Things That Make Me Happy: An Abecedary

Posted in listing run amok, lists on 10 June 07 by mikevc

Because I am not feeling original, I am going to steal borrow this idea from another blog. Plus, I want to see if I can match one of my likes to every letter of the Alphabet. So, away I go:

Damn, that was hard! I started while waiting for my hotel room, got frustrated, and put the computer away. I then tried again after I got back from the baseball game. I must have spent an hour after that trying to come up with these and I am not sure that Z is not a cop out…although I do get happy when taking notes or keeping score and I get to write a Z or a 7.

Music T-Shirts: My Top Ten

Posted in listing run amok on 22 May 07 by mikevc

The listing instinct is out of control! But, everyone makes lists of music and books. Here, I present to you a list of not just my favorite T-shirts but my favorite music-related Ts past and present. It just doesn’t get more riveting than this.

  1. Purple REM shirt (Work Tour-1987) – This was from the work tour in 1987; I attended with brother Jeff, Matt Hammon, and Jeremy Gomez in my Dad’s barely running jeep. It was in the old Coliseum here in H-Town. A fun time was had by all. I loved that freakin’ shirt and sorely miss it.
  2. Lyle Lovett “Ugly from the Front” shirt (1993) – I still have this one. It is a black T with the words “Lyle Lovett, the friend of a street savage, plays and sings just for you” on the front pocket area and “Ugly from the Front” on the back. In the early days of our courtship, L. begged me not to wear this on my first trip to VA to meet her friends and family. I–of course–wore it. This is also the oldest garment Ipoi_dog.jpg currently own.
  3. Poi Dog Pondering shirt (1989) – This one was really basic. It was a portion of the cover art for their self-titled 1989 release on Texas Hotel Records. Not sure where this one fell by the wayside either.
  4. Antone’s shirt (1988) – I bought this one when I was learning to play guitar and discovered the blues (sort of–the actual discovery was the realization that the simple scales of the blues were the only thing I was good at). Anyway, I headed down to that Austin institution Antone’s and got a cool black shirt with the silhouette of a man playing an acoustic guitar. Very delta blues-y. Again, no idea what happened to this one.shirtbball.jpg
  5. Reivers shirt (1991) – This united the Reivers w/ singer John Croslin’s love of baseball. I actually found an image of this one. I also had a Reivers shirt that mimicked the Rangers logo and one from the “Pop Beloved” era that had an image of the giant yellow plastic thingy that was used to make 45s fit on a record player. Remember those?
  6. Bloodshot Records T (2001) – This came free with the purchase of a Split Lip Rayfield CD from Cactus records. I loved it in its simplicity. It was just the Bloodshot logo on a white shirt. No idea where it went.
  7. David Byrne – Uh-Oh Shirt (1992) – This was from the Oh-uh tour. It had a giant foot about to step on a piece of broken glass and the word “Uh-oh!” underneath it. Jeremy and I drove to Austin while living in Houston to see this show. That one is gone too.
  8. Police – Ghost In the Machine Shirt (1984) – This was simply the album cover on a black shirt. Bought in a record store for $1 when I was 12. I wore it to death; it lasted into my 20s before I finally had to get rid of it.
  9. Charlie Hunter Trio – Ready, Set, Shango (1995) – Another freebie that came with the Charlie Hunter disc of the same name. It had a hot rod on it and was muy comfortable. Though I was not a huge fan of that particular disc I was–and still am–a big fan of Hunter and his crazy 8 string guitar. No idea where this one went, either.
  10. Waterloo Records (1988) – This was proof of my transformation to anwater.jpg Austinite when I moved there as a fifteen year old. I loved this shirt and the store. This was back before it moved to 5th Street; it was on the other side of Town Lake between Barton Springs and Riverside (Oh, how I miss Austin). It was the simple logo that was all over Austin at the time–on shirts and bumper stickers. It was the one that mimicked the tube stop signs in London. In fact when I went to London 12 years later I had to go to the Waterloo station and get a shot of the sign. Again, lost with the ages. However, very good news on this one. I know that on my last trip to Austin they still had these. I checked the Web site and sure enough they are still available and still a mere nine bucks. So, this list has a happy ending as I just ordered a new Waterloo T. Woo-hoo, I say!

The beauty of the list: you can do one about anything. Meaningless to most but interesting to me.