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New Pictures and Flickr

Posted in boys, family, pictures on 20 April 08 by mikevc

My brother Otrops was very kind and sent us a Flickr membership since we had hit the 200 mark (the limit for free accounts). So, I am trying to do a better job taking pictures of the boys. I uploaded a number of pictures on Flickr just now. So, if you want to see the boys at Earth Day, Toby’s Open House, or enjoying an Astros game, check it out on my Flickr account.

New Photos: Fall Festival & ArBOOretum 2007

Posted in boys, Jonah, pictures, Toby on 28 October 07 by mikevc

For those who are interested in such things, go on over to my flickr account to see some new pictures of the boys at the Oak Forest Elementary Fall Festival and all costumed up for the Houston Nature Center and Arboretum’s ArBOOretum 2007 event.

Map Feature and Geotagging on Flickr

Posted in coolness, pictures on 6 June 07 by mikevc

This is probably old news to most but I had no idea that I could use the map feature on flickr. Basically, you can indicate where each picture was taken, it is called geotagging, and it will generate a map of where all your photos are from. Tres cool, no? Anyway, here is a link to my map.


I will grant you that this doesn’t look too interesting. But, go and play with it. As you focus in on Houston and Virginia, the only two locations I have marked, you will see that it divides up the photos based on exactly where taken. For example, the Houston shots wills indicate if they were at our house, Matt and Kara’s house, J’s school, or Toby’s School. I think this quite cool.