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Why Do I Listen to this Crap?

Posted in radio, rambling, rants on 2 August 07 by mikevc

For some unknown reason, I keep my radio tuned to a station that features conservative talk shows.  My only excuse is that it is the Astros broadcast station.  With my duties as Chief of Central Services, I have to do a lot of driving during the day between the Central library and the administrative offices for HPL.  It is a short drive; so, I rarely take the time to even worry about what I am listening to.  I could easily plug in my iPod or switch stations but, somehow, I get some sort of perverse pleasure out of screaming at Rush and the boys.  It is great for relieving stress.

Anyway, over the past few days, all of these guys lead with O’Hanlon’s and Pollack’s (both of liberal think tanks) Sunday editorial in the NYT about the war in Iraq.   In it, they point out that based on evidence from their trip to the region that things are improving.  What bothers me so much is that I read the editorial and, while it did say things are getting better (which is undeniably a good thing and one that–I hope–our silly Democrats embrace so that we are not stuck with four more years of a Republican in the WH), it was not a sweeping approval of everything that has gone on for the past four years.  In fact they refer to the “miserable handling” of the war up until the “surge” by the administration.

And yet, to hear these repugnant hate-mongers tell it, the editorial was not a well thought out look at the conditions in Iraq but a hagiography of Bush and Petreus.   I ramble I know but this bothered me a lot.  It is the first time that I heard these nuts quoting from something I had read and could really see how badly they twist things and misrepresent  things to fit their limited viewpoint.  They usually stick to quoting each other and their colleagues in the news media.  Anyway, more than making a point, I just want to rant about how nefarious these guys are and how disturbing it is that they are the most popular thing on radio, which is probably dying anyway.

Shift on over to the Left!

Posted in politics, pompousity on my part, rants on 26 April 07 by mikevc

Four years ago at this time, I was mad excited about the upcoming presidential election and extremely interested in the Dems chances for getting rid of W.  Now, I feel an unfortunate apathy toward the candidates. I am not sure why.  I still see the importance of replacing the existing administration.  I guess I am just worried about what comes next.
I worry that the Dems have gone a bit too centrist on us since Bill Clinton’s success.  In the words of Ad-Rock (who I find myself quoting far too often): “We need a little shift on over towards the left.”  I have some hope for John Edwards if his populist, Truman-esque campaigning can be believed.  For those who criticise him for his $400 haircuts, I would say: “You are right, I mean look at FDR.  The only thing he cared about was his wealthy cronies.  And look at the mess he got us in.”  (That is sarcasm by the way).
I am sure when it gets closer to the election, I will be a bit more excited.  Though I am a true political junkie, elections generally depress me.  The main reason for this is the state I live in.  Though I love Texas, I am a bit fed up w/ the conservative political nature of this state.  I often think of relocating to a more liberal state but I love TX and the cost of living in Houston can’t be beat.  I at times think I want a return to the populist, Dem-dominated days in Texas.   I say that, but I don’t really mean it, many of those Dems were mean and bitter racists.  After-all, as soon as LBJ signed the Voting Rights Bill of 1965, he correctly observed: ” I’ve just handed the South to the Republicans for fifty years, certainly for the rest of our life time”.
Oh well,  I will end this rambling by saying  2008 at least provides hope for something better.