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Entertaining an Insomniac

Posted in baseball, ridiculousness, Uncategorized on 27 May 07 by mikevc

It is nearly 3:00 AM. I have spent the last hour trying to get 50 home runs on what is essentially an advertisement. Time to try to sleep!


Posted in ridiculousness on 21 May 07 by mikevc

Who is it in Hollywood that still thinks giving Robin Williams movie projects is a good idea?

The Coke Machine Conspiracy

Posted in ridiculousness on 26 April 07 by mikevc

Call me stupid! I have fallen for this diabolical trickery for too long.

It just occurred to me that I have been paying one dollar for a 20 oz. Diet Coke in one of the machines at my work. Only today–after five months–did I discover the machines two machines over had not bottles but 12 0z. cans for (and this is the worst part; hold on to your seat) fifty cents! That means I have been paying 5 cents/ounce as opposed to 4.16/ounce.! Not a big deal, you say?

I have been consuming roughly two 20 oz. cokes a day (40 oz. total). I could have been consuming three 12 oz. cans a day (36 oz. total (I think I would be fine with 4 less oz.)). That would have saved me 5o cents a day. Now multiply those savings by five months, figuring about 22 days of work per month. and we arrive at over fifty dollars lost to this trick and my stupidity. Oh, the frustration!