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Ten Days and Counting

Posted in Astros, baseball, travel on 21 March 08 by mikevc

mlb.jpgIt’s almost here. Opening Day is a short week and a few days away. Though my beloved Astros (or a group of players wearing Astros’ uniforms) start this season away from home, things work out quote well for me. I will be at a library conference when the season begins and would have missed game one were it at Minute Maid. So, I will behouston_astros2.jpg ringing in the season in Minneapolis at the Metrodome as the Twins take on the Angels. And, I will be back from my sojourn north in time to see the ‘Stros take on the Cards in their first 2007 home game on April 7. I couldn’t be more excited.

Christmas in B’ham

Posted in boys, Jonah, Toby, travel on 28 December 07 by mikevc

We spent the Christmas holidays in Birmingham, AL.  We were visiting Letitia’s grandmother.  Although the prospect of spending Christmas in a hotel and a retirement community might not sound enticing, we had a great time.  When was the last time you went swimming on Christmas and Christmas Eve (indoor pool)? or, had an entire hotel to yourself?

That was pretty much the case for us.  At the hotel with us were Letitia’s cousins (2 parents and 3 kids) from Delaware and her parents.  The three rooms we had made up 1/3 of total occupancy on Christmas Eve.  We held little parties in the lobby and took over the joint.  It was a blast.

J and T got presents from mom and dad and stockings from Santa’s elf Quincy on Christmas Morning in the hotel.  In the afternoon we went over to Great Grams’ where Santa had been informed to leave their presents.  They loved this arrangement: instead of only opening presents first thing in the morning, they had two “present times” to look forward to.

The next day, Jonah (the birthday boy), Tobe, Cousin Bryn, and I went to the Birmingham Zoo’s Zoolight Safari event, which featured thousands of lights throughout the zoo.  We had a lot of fun.

The boys highlights were petting the rat, riding the train, and the S’Mores.  My highlight:  When we first arrived Jonah, who is recovering from a cough, started dancing like a madman to the loud Christmas music.  After a while, he began coughing again.  As we passed through the area where the music was loud later in the evening, he says to me:  “We need to go fast; this is really hard for me because my brain tells me that I really want to dance but I know I shouldn’t because of my condition.”  Fun for all!

Top Priority for 2008: New York City

Posted in baseball, travel on 5 September 07 by mikevc

As I think about plans for the coming year in terms of vacation time, professional conferences, trips, etc., it occurs to me that at the top of that list must be a trip to New York City.  The reason for this desperate need to get there in the coming year is quite simple.  2008 will be the last year for both Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium.  I must attend a game at each before their demise.  Then, I will have years to attend games at the new stadiums.   Here’s hoping that I get there.

ALA – Woo-Hoo!

Posted in books, travel on 15 June 07 by mikevc

I am extremely excited about the American Library Association conference coming up in D.C. at the end of the month. Aside from the outstanding programs, conferences are always a lot of fun. I just began planning my itinerary and discovered that a lot of great authors are going to be speaking and signing. I am particularly excited about Bill Bradley, Steve Almond (Wasn’t Candyfreak the best?), Ken Burns, and Sherman Alexie.  Although I am deeply regretting the decision to stay in Fairfax, VA, instead of a hotel close to the conference center in D.C. given that several programs I am interested in going to start at 7:00 or 8:00 in the A.M.

Baseball Weekend

Posted in baseball, travel on 8 June 07 by mikevc

I was massively excited about the prospect of going to all the Rice Owls games this weekend but found out they were all sold out.  So, I went to Plan B.  One of my goals is to go to all the MLB ballparks and another is to go to all the MLB and MiLB parks in TX.  So, with the family away, this weekend is perfect to work on that goal.  I booked a hotel via Priceline in Dallas and am heading out tomorrow morning.  I will catch the Rangers playing the Brewers tomorrow night, hit the hotel, and then drive to Frisco to see a double header on Sunday.  So, despite my loneliness with my family in VA, I am having quite a good week w/ the bluegrass festival last weekend and three ballgames and two new ballparks this weekend.  Quite fun!  And by the end of the month, I will be able to add Camden Yards in Baltimore to my list as well.  Woo-hoo, yet again!!