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Blog Leave

Posted in rambling, video games on 17 January 08 by mikevc

It was pointed out to me by a friend that I have not written anything on this here blog in several weeks.  I was asked if anything was wrong.  I wish I could say I had been busy with some monumentally important task that has occupied my time and prevented me from writing.  The truth of the matter is that my last post is from the 28th of December, which was when my mom, sister, and little baby nephew came to visit.  The thing is my mom brought with her a Wii for Jonah, Tobe, and I.  Thus, the lack of blogging.

In particular, she gave Jonah Super Mario Galaxy for his birthday and we have been working our way through it. We are in the final galaxy; only two more stars and we think we will find Princess Peach.

Oregon Trail Redux

Posted in video games, web fun on 15 December 07 by mikevc


A while back I posted about looking for Oregon Trail. Well, I found it via While looking, I also found a version updated for the 2000s. In this version you can be a slacker, student, or professional and your goal is to drive cross country to a music festival, hunting burgers, tacos, and candy along the way. It is quite a lot of fun and faithfully reproduces the Oregon Trail graphics quite well. Want to give it a try? It is called ThuleTrail and appears developed by the company that makes bike racks, ski racks, etc., which explains the kayak, mountain bike, and skiing competitions along the way.

Gaming – IIe Style

Posted in nostalgia, video games on 15 November 07 by mikevc

I had completely forgotten about the gaming I was engaged in on our old Apple IIe in the late ’80s until I read Otrops’ post. I remember that after we bought our IIe we went on a spending spree at some computer event at Palmer Auditorium and loaded up on games. I don’t remember many but I do remember spending hours playing Maniac Mansion in the piano/dining/computer room of our house in South Austin. I particularly liked the humor of the game; as an example, I remember the depressed young tentacle who only wanted to rock.  As I read Otrops’ post, nostalgia swept over me and I felt the need to introduce the young boys to the joys of Maniac Mansion. It is as much fun as I remember and Jonah really gets a kick out of the MM controls for the characters. Unfortunatley, I cannot remember how to beat Maniac Mansion and it does not look like I can save progress on the free downloadable version.


Oh well. I wish I could find the original version of Oregon Trail.

Time Well Spent

Posted in boys, video games on 19 October 07 by mikevc

mario.jpgTonight, Toby, Jonah, and I accomplished a real feat. After three weeks of hard work, deep thought, and intense concentration, we captured the eight pure hearts and brought them together to defeat the chaos heart and the end of all worlds. We brought Lady Timpani and Blumiere (formerly Lord Bleck) together in a love that defeated all evil. We joined hands with our lifelong enemy (Bowser) and newer nemeses (O’Chunks, Mimi, and Nastasia) to overcome the diabolical plans of Dementio. And, finally, we ate.

In other words, we finally beat Super Paper Mario. Woo-Hoo!!!

History – An Important Subject

Posted in family, nostalgia, Uncategorized, video games on 9 September 07 by mikevc

mario.pngI recently discovered an app in facebook that connects to NES Cafe, which is a site that emulates the old Nintendo Entertainment System. Not only that it has virtually every game ever made for the system. Thus, I have discovered over 1000 ways to take a trip down video game memory lane…and, I am taking my son with me. It is somehow fitting since these games roughly correspond to my musical nostalgia posting of the past few weeks.

punch.pngSo, in the name of education–in particular History (of Video Games)–Jonah and I have been playing every iteration ofducjhunt.png Mario (Super, Brothers, Dr., vs. Luigi, you name it), Punch Out, Excitebike, and a bunch of games I never played. I am floored at how terrible the graphics and controls are–especially compared to what is out there today. I remember this stuff being cutting edge in 1990. That is probably a trite observation, but I remember that to us this stuff was 1000% beyond the Ataris and Intellivsions of eight years prior. My son can’t distinguish between any discernible differences in quality between the two eras. Oh well, the perils of aging.

Extra credit for whoever can identify all 3 games pictured here.