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New Twitter Account

Posted in web fun, web tools on 11 July 08 by mikevc

Because of the impending demise of Twitter, I decided I better take full advantage of it while it is around. For a year or so I have been using Twitter as “mvancamp” to keep my staff informed of what I was up to and where I was at at all times with a widget on my work blog (Blogger). I have decided to create another account under “mikevc” for more personal Twittering. Ain’t that exciting? I would love to throw a widget up on this here blog but am having trouble getting it to jive w/ WordPress.  Any suggestions?

From Fleas to Buffalos

Posted in music, rambling, web tools, weirdness on 14 February 08 by mikevc

For those who are not familiar with, it is a really cool social networking music site where friends can see what people are listening to and make recommendation to them, get info about bands, etc. Anyway, I love to think I have individualistic andred_logo.jpg unpredictable taste in music. However, a while back, a user on friended me because he had seen that I was listening to Cactus World News. Whenever I log on to, it lists what my friends have listened to most recently. It is uncanny how many times what this guy has listened to mirrors what I have listened to (usually away from the computer so there is clearly no case of copying). As an example:

I wrote a while ago about my growing ukulele obsession. In that post I mentioned the Flea ukulele. This lead me to go to Dane Zane’s, the former singer of the Del Fuegos and current children’s singer, Web site to find out about his limited edition DZ Flea Ukuleles. As I was there, I was reminded of his role in the Del Fuegos. I then went to iTunes to listen to someonlye.jpg old Del Fuegos while reading an entry on them in Wikipedia. There I saw a mention of the Juliana Hatfield Three and their song “My Sister” which mentions the Del Fuegos. This lead me back to iTunes and Amazon to listen to some old Juliana Hatfield and Blake Babies songs. I listened to the 30 second bits from several albums and was reminded in particular of how much I likes Only Everything and wished I could hear the whole thing. This thought letme.jpgbrought me to another Boston band that I listened to heavily in the early 90s, Buffalo Tom. So, I went in to iTunes and listened to the snippets of tracks from several albums but mostly from Let Me Come Over and Big Red Letter Day. I began to regret that I no longer had these songs to listen to. A few minutes later, I go to and discover that my friend has not only been listening to Buffalo Tom, but the exact two albums I was just pining for. It struck me as a weird coincidence that this guy is listening to the exact albums (both over ten years old) that I am suddenly feeling nostalgic for–as a result of a convoluted process–for the first time in years.

So, I post this for no real purpose other than to note I am not as unique as I like to think…as if’s “other people who bought x also bought…” feature hadn’t taught me that years ago.

It’s a 2.0 World

Posted in rambling, web tools on 11 July 07 by mikevc

It is no secret that I am all about the Web (and Library) 2.0.  I absolutely love all of the social networking stuff.  My latest favorite find is goodreads. com.  I have added a widget from their page with my reading updates to this blog on the sidebar.

On another social network note, I also have to confess that I find the whole Webkinz thing quite cool.  Aside from the fact that it introduces kids to the social networking possibilities of the Internet in a safe environment,  it is a brilliant idea and for the cost provides so much more than a stuffed animal that will be forgotten in a few days.  Jonah loves it and was beyond impressed when I told him that it was discussed at a session I attended at ALA.